28 June, 2014

Blimp Over Bluffdale

This fron Becky Akers at Lew Rockwell blog -
"In what may be the cleverest protest yet against the NSA’s criminality, the patriots at the Tenth Amendment Center joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Greenpeace in flying a blimp over the agency’s “Collect-it-all” monolith in Bluffdale, UT. The blimp’s sign read, “NSA, illegal spying below.”

Imagine “working” for the NSA and spying, so to speak, that rebuke overhead as you stride to your eavesdropping post of a morning. Talk about demoralization!"

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Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help “moderate” Syrian rebels

From Jihad Watch.org -
"Doesn’t Obama know that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has bulldozed the part of the Syria/Iraq border that it controls? Doesn’t he know that there are no significant forces in Syria that want a secular state, but only various bands of pro-Sharia Islamic supremacists? Doesn’t it occur to him how incoherent it is to want to arm these people in Syria and fight against them in Iraq? For there is no significant difference between the “rebels” fighting Assad and the “extremists” fighting Maliki.

“Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help moderate Syrian rebels,” Reuters, June 26, 2014:"

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25 June, 2014

Rothschild Crony Capitalist Summit Plots Against Free Markets

From The New American -
Under the guise of re-defining and improving what they inaccurately called “capitalism,” top insiders representing institutions that control some $30 trillion in assets met at a Rothschild-sponsored “Inclusive Capitalism” summit in London to push what sounded suspiciously like global tyranny. From the IMF boss quoting Karl Marx to crony capitalist CEOs and central bankers pushing radical notions of “sustainability,” the globalist bigwigs consistently blamed what little remains of the free market for the horrific failures of socialism, central banking, and Big Government. Ironically, many of the attendees enriched by fleecing taxpayers via government were tripping over themselves to advocate more wealth redistribution and taxes.
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Spain Arrests Freed Gitmo Captive Running Jihadist Recruitment Network

From Judical Watch -
"In a story unlikely to receive attention from the mainstream media in the United States, a former Guantanamo Bay captive has been arrested in Spain for operating what authorities there say is a sophisticated jihadist recruitment network.

Spanish media is reporting that the one-time Gitmo prisoner is a 46-year-old Moroccan named Lahcen Ikassrien, who heads an Islamic cell that recruits fighters for the Syrian and Iraqi-based terror group known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Ikassrien and seven others were arrested in Madrid recently as part of a dozen raids on terrorism cells in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The ISIL has received global attention recently for its terrorist activities in Iraq, where the extremist group seized the country’s second-largest city of Mosul. A number of international press reports have revealed that ISIL militants have massacred and captured Iraqi soldiers during the raid. Ikassrien, who spent four years at the U.S. Military prison in southeastern Cuba, recruited and sent jihadists to Iraq via Turkey, according to Spanish authorities cited in the news story."
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20 June, 2014

House Passes Bill to Curb NSA

Found at NewsMax -
"The US House of Representatives approved late Thursday a bill that would restrict the electronic surveillance powers of the National Security Agency (NSA).

The margin was wide, 293 to 123, for the bill attached to the defense budget for 2015, which begins October 1.

For now, however, the bill will have no effect on the NSA as it has not been debated by the Senate.

But the message from the lower house is clear."

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18 June, 2014

Kids Can Tell When You're Not Telling the Whole Truth

At New Republic -
"In an upcoming paper, to be delivered at the annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society in July, Schulz and Gweon will explore the flip-side of this problem: how children react to too much information. They found that children prefer teachers who do not spend time offering information that they already know—or that they can infer from what they already know. It’s not that children hate know-it-all’s, but they do make calculations in order to learn more efficiently, say Schulz and Gweon. Learning, they conclude, isn’t just about acquiring knowledge of the world; it’s also about learning how to learn."

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Latest Data Shows Spike in Prices of Food, Oil, and More

At Reason.com -
"Consumers were hit hard by a range of price increases last month, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here are some highlights from the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which tracks the changes in costs of household goods:
  • The food index rose 0.5 percent in May after increasing 0.4 percent in each of the three previous months. 
  • The index for food at home increased 0.7 percent, its largest increase since July 2011. 
  • The gasoline index rose 0.7 percent."
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