15 February, 2005

A tip of the hat

About twenty years ago, I was first introduced to the thoughts and writings of Ayn Rand. I was living in the Detroit area and became a frequent listener to a radio talk show. I think of this host as one of my earliest mentors, of sorts, and though I understand he is not currently broadcasting, I want to share my thanks to this man.

His name is Mark Scott and has had a long history in broadcasting that began in Ohio, then metro Detroit, New York, and back to Detroit via an internet broadcast. Mark Scott, an Objectivist, is known as a dynamic and controversial public figure. He has conducted interviews with most of the prominent figures in Objectivist circles but certainly knew no limits in the subjects he would cover.

Due to his influence, I first read Atlas Shrugged and eventually all the written works of Ayn Rand and several other pro-reason, pro-capitalist authors. I was fortunate to have attended a few different speaking events featuring Mark and had the occassion to talk with him briefly. Is this hero-worship? You bet!

Thank you Mark.



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