30 October, 2007

The Age Of Turbulence, Engineered

American Chronicle:
"In August, Alan Greenspan’s memoirs, titled “The Age of Turbulence: Adventures In A New World”, debuted with plenty of media fanfare. Greenspan hit the interview circuit with a passion, appearing on financial networks, major talk shows and news magazines. It was oddly like the hoopla that networks display when the cast of a formerly beloved television show reunite- our old pal Alan was back without missing a beat. To Greenspan, his penned masterpiece was an explanation of his two decades at the Federal Reserve and his views of future economic trends. To others, it was a heavy handed justification for Central Bank manipulation. The interesting thing about “The Age of Turbulence” is that almost none of the media yet acknowledges that the turbulence belongs, in large part, to Alan Greenspan, the US government and the Federal Reserve."


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