13 March, 2008

Paterson Says He Is Ready To Assume Governorship

Mr. Spitzer, who resigned Wednesday after being exposed as a client in a high-priced prostitution ring, was famously abrasive to legislators and was open about his desire to overthrow Senate Republicans. In one noted exchange, he used a profanity to describe himself as a "steamroller" to a Republican lawmaker. Mr. Paterson has been praised for his ability to work with legislators of both parties.

"I have spoken with him," Mr. Paterson said of Mr. Spitzer. "I just told him how sorry I was this happened and how much he still inspires me."

Several Spitzer administration officials are expected to remain with Mr. Paterson. Some of Mr. Spitzer's top aides, however, have submitted resignations for Mr. Paterson to consider.

"The message to the people of New York is that New York state government is still thriving, and we are still serving the people," Mr. Paterson said earlier in the day.

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