25 September, 2008

Alcee Hastings - Seeking A Cabinet Spot For Obama?

There are no limits to the tact used to gain political clout. Look at the this latest from the "honorable" Alcee Hastings -

International Business Times
Democrat Alcee Hastings made comments that portray Sarah Palin as an "extremely conservative" candidate and not favorable for Jews and Black people.

"Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks," said the Florida congressman at a Democrat panel part of the National Jewish Democratic Council's annual conference on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Hastings said he meant Palin was "extremely conservative woman who is out of touch with mainstream America," ABC reported.

Hastings pointed out some of the policies that Jews and black people have in common to try to put them in favor of Barack Obama.

Some may recall the name Alcee Hastings, then known as Federal Judge before he was impeached on bribery charges -

New York Times
Impeachments by the House and trials in the Senate are so cumbersome and distasteful that Alcee Hastings of Florida is only the sixth Federal judge to be removed in this manner. But in convicting and removing Judge Hastings, despite his acquittal of similar charges at a criminal trial, Congress acted responsibly, even judiciously. It vindicated the Constitution's admittedly inefficent method for purging those who dishonor their offices.

The impeachment power is so mighty and unreviewable that some of the Founding Fathers feared its misuse while seeing its necessity. Judge Hastings said he had been so abused because a jury had already acquitted him of bribery, the key impeachment charge. He asserted also that as one of the nation's few black judges, he had been disciplined under procedures ''infected by a form of racism.''

Sounds like Hastings takes a page from the Obama, Wright, Phleger play book. More accidential associations or reinforced pattern of behavior. All he needs to be funded by a known terrorist .... oh yeah, I forgot.


Blogger Babel In Brunswick said...

Hastings and Rangel are felons. They need to have their balls cut off by Jesse Jackson.

10:44 PM  

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