15 August, 2009

A Referendum on Freedom

Dr Hurd.com
Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania said Tuesday that he would float the idea of a national referendum on health care reform when he returns to Washington after the start of his August recess was spent facing down boisterous crowds at town hall meetings.

Now there's a solution for you. If 51 percent (or higher) of Americans vote to turn doctors into slaves of the state, who either must work for the government or quit, then the nationalization of health care will be both valid and complete. Forget how the doctors feel about this. Forget how the effect of this on doctors and surgeons will inevitably affect patients. Forget that according to the Constitution everyone is supposed to be equal under the law, and once you compromise this for one group of people, then freedom is at risk for everyone. Forget the fact that the bureaucracy, inefficiency, insensitivity and injustice of a government-run system of medical care remains just as real whether a plurality of voters votes it into existence, or it's imposed on everyone through some other means.
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