24 October, 2012

Delaying the EPA

This story from Boortz.
"According to a new report released by the World Bank, “policymakers in 108 economies implemented 201 regulatory reforms in the last year alone that made it easier for their entrepreneurs to do business.” But here’s the catch … the United States wasn’t one of them! In fact, we are going in the opposite direction: “America’s competitiveness dropped in seven of the 10 sub-indicators, including paying taxes, enforcing contracts, and starting a business."
"Obama’s empowered EPA doesn’t help our economic competitiveness. It burdens America with rules and regulations that make it increasingly more difficult to get by, much less thrive. And you do know what’s happening, don’t you? The EPA has many looming regulations on hold until after the election. These regulations are estimated to cost millions of jobs and cost our oil and gas industry big bucks. If you click here, you can see a list of the EPA rules that have been punted to 2013. You understand why this is happening, don’t you? Obama doesn’t want a bunch of companies laying off workers right before his re-election bid."
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