06 May, 2014

Soros in Vermont: Leftist billionaire behind state’s call to keep money out of politics

From Vermont Watchdog -
"Despite the Legislature’s intent to keep money out of politics in Friday’s vote for a constitutional convention, the move was a victory for billionaire George Soros, whose financial backing of The Young Turks and Wolf PAC helped influence state lawmakers.

“In Vermont we were told it was impossible … but actually we did win on the Senate floor, and it was because volunteers from all across the country called in to constituents in Vermont, who then called their representatives. Now it has passed the Vermont House — this is a huge moment,” Cenk Uygur, founder of Wolf PAC, said during a weekend broadcast of the Young Turks.

The House of Representatives on Friday voted 95-43 to pass JRS27, a joint resolution to “limit the corrupting influence of money in our electoral process … by overturning the Citizens United decision.” The resolution cleared the Senate in March by a 25-2 margin."

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Hat tip: Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity.


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