02 September, 2006

The Dougout: Intellectual's Ideas versus the Average Man

The Dougout: Intellectual's Ideas versus the Average Man:
"Thoughts on why it is the intellectuals, not the decent average men, who set the ideas of a culture/society, and how this affects the US’s self-defense.

Listening to a talk show host (Michael Savage), he said that when (not if) the Muslims drop or detonate a bomb in America, and some of you out there want to organize yourselves into a militia to defend yourselves, and your families, that you will be stopped by our government. He said “you'll be jailed, while they put a ring of police around every mosque in America” to defend it against the justice people want to dispense.

I think he's right. He cited the fact that the mayor of Seattle did just that when a Muslim man kidnapped a young girl (late July, 2006) to get into a Jewish Center, then proceeded to shoot, with two handguns, 6 unarmed women, one of whom was pregnant, and killing one of them. The mayor proceeded to encircle the mosques (and synagogues) of Seattle with police to protect them."


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