20 August, 2006

Townhall.com::Does government stupidity know any bounds?::By John Stossel

Townhall.com::Does government stupidity know any bounds?::By John Stossel:
"But, as usual, the government passed your money out everywhere. Terrorist Relief Act loans went to Dunkin' Donuts shops in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Vermont, and Ohio. The manager of the Essex Junction, Vt., Dunkin' Donuts defended his loan, saying 9/11 affected his business. 'Instead of getting probably a large coffee and a couple of doughnuts,' Tony Silva said, his customers got 'a small coffee and a doughnut.'

The Patriot Act was supposed to provide federal funding to states to equip the fire, police, and EMS officers who serve at the front lines of a terrorist attack. But the congressmen who wrote the law apparently believed that patriotism starts at home. Money was allocated under a complicated formula where each state, regardless of its size or location, got an equal slice of the pie before risk was even considered."


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