08 October, 2006

China, Japan concerned over N.Korea test

The Detroit News:
"The leaders of Japan and China said Sunday they were deeply concerned about a possible North Korean nuclear test and promised to cooperate in persuading Pyongyang to stand down, a Japanese official said.

Meanwhile, a former South Korean lawmaker said North Korea denied a nuclear test was imminent, citing a Chinese diplomat who spoke to officials from the North on Sunday. China is North Korea's closest ally.

There had been speculation that a nuclear test could come Sunday, the anniversary of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's appointment as head of the Korean Workers' Party in 1997.

However, former South Korean lawmaker Jang Sung-min said the North told China it had not raised the alert level of its military. He said he spoke to an unidentified Chinese diplomat who learned of North Korea's stance from Pyongyang officials Sunday afternoon."


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