20 September, 2006

The 18th Time's a Charm

Telegraph | News | Military tightens its grip on power in Thailand:
"Speaking under a golden army seal at military headquarters, the general said earlier: “We have two weeks. After two weeks, we step out”.

But fresh elections would have to wait for a new constitution which would take a year to finalise, he said, leaving the military in control for the foreseeable future.

Unauthorised public gatherings of more than five people are now punishable by six months in prison and the communications ministry has the right to block “disinformation”.

The coup, which bloodlessly deposed the telecoms billionaire turned prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, is Thailand’s 18th since democracy was established in 1932."

If you read this story perhaps you will notice how many times the author notes that this was a "bloodless" coup. After 18 times of trying to insert a democracy, do you think that even a cursory review of cause and effect would suggest that number 19 is, more than likely, in the future? Freedom for everyone as long as the King and 51% allow it.


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