25 November, 2007

The Bogusness of Altruism

MySpace Forums:
"This is mostly in response to a posting titled 'The Bogusness of Egoism.' Altruism is not commonly understood, I think. Just ask your relatives over the holidays what they think about altruism. Only those among them who are well read or well educated (or philosophically enthusiastic) will have anything to say. When they do, take note of their comprehension of the term. I believe the words that will leap to mind most often in conjunction with 'altruism' are: 'kindness,' 'charity,' 'giving,' 'loving,' etc. Who of those you ask will answer, 'Altruism? Oh yes, it's the doctrine that the highest ethic is the concern for the well being of others. By that I mean ALL of your attitude and conduct is directed toward the well being of others, as opposed to EGOISM, which is attitude and conduct directed toward the well being of one's self. "


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