23 January, 2009

We're Still Waiting Senator Dodd!

I can't help but get the feeling that our elected officials seek to outlast our memory. Perhaps the senator was merely sidetracked while busily "doing the business of the people" that the truth became an unnecessary obstruction?

I nominate Sen. Christopher Dodd for poster child of the national Term Limits campaign. Unfortunately for us, there are far too many candidates.

Waiting for Dodd - WSJ.com
The Connecticut Senator got favored treatment from the subprime mortgage purveyor, even as he was a power broker on the Banking Committee that regulates the industry. When the news broke, the Senator first denied that he sought or expected preferential treatment. He later admitted that he knew he was considered a VIP at the firm but claimed he thought it was "more of a courtesy." He also promised the Connecticut press that he'd come clean with the documents and details of the loans. But six months later -- nada, zip, nothing.


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