07 June, 2009

Veteran Wings deliver old-fashioned whuppin'

The Wings looked so much more focused tonight than they did in Game 4. The extra day of rest along with the return of Pavel Datsyuk are most likely the keys. Great game for goalie Osgood to get another shut out.
Game Six in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.

The Detroit News
They skated as if their reputations were on fire. They attacked as if insulted by the insinuations of creakiness and fatigue. Energized by the return of their injured superstar, the Red Wings blasted through a wall of growing doubt as if it wasn't even there. And after this performance, it isn't.

The Wings played as if they'd been here before, and we know they have. The Penguins played as if they had no idea how to handle it, and frankly, acted idiotic at times.


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