09 February, 2010

Union-Backed Nominee Blocked in Senate

Wall Street Journal
The nomination of union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board fell short of the 60 votes needed to end a Republican filibuster Monday, with just 52 senators voting to support his appointment.

Mr. Becker's defeat was a sharp setback for the big labor unions that championed his nomination. He was strongly opposed by business interests and his prospects dimmed when Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson came out against him. Mr. Nelson said Monday that the nominee's past statements "strongly indicate" he would "pursue a personal agenda" at the NLRB, "rather than that of the administration." Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln also voted no.

Richard Trumka, president of labor federation AFL-CIO, called the outcome Washington politics-as-usual and said it was "reprehensible that a minority in the U.S. Senate has blocked an up-or-down vote" on Mr. Becker. Mr. Trumka said he would support President Barack Obama in making recess appointments of critical government posts "if that's what it takes to get around minority delay and obstruction."

Unionized labor is what percentage of the total work force? I believe it's less than 10% nationwide. Sounds like a minority to me and yet look at the "reprehensible" amount of influence the unions have in the legislative process. Trumka is more right about his statement that he may want us to realize. Got caught this time though.


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