24 February, 2005

Empty Promises - Michigan Government

So much for government "promises",eh.

I can't help but notice the irony about the role of governments, state and national, and the selective (read political) memory of our leaders.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm welshes on MEAP testing incentives.
Granholm cancels cash for college plan - 2/24/05

Range of the moment, pragmatic, ends justify the means mentality runs rampant through nearly all areas of contemporary government branches. Here's a fantastic quote from the Michigan Department of Treasury spokesman, Terry Stanton:

"The funding was never guaranteed," Stanton said. "In difficult budgets, difficult decisions have to be made."

Hey, I'm having a difficult budget year too. Mind if I opt-out of filing my tax return?

In Washington, Congress is fighting NOT to privatize Social Security because they WANT to honor the promise of a (ahem) guaranteed retirement benefit.

Hey, you couldn't make this stuff up.


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