08 January, 2006

Colts Stadium Land Dispute - More Bean Counters Needed

Dispute Over Colts Stadium Land Continues

Lawyers are starting the new year with ongoing negotiations over the new Colts stadium. Stadium planners say they need land which a bean distributor won't give up.

The stadium planners offered Hurst $3.7 million for its land along McCarty Street. Company leaders said they would have accepted the deal if the authority board said it was okay to stay on the original 4.2-acre property. Stadium planners think that's a positive talking point for negotiations.

"Negotiations seem to be on track, and for the first time they admit to the $3.7 million, and the fact that they have a chance to stay,” said Lou Gerig, authority spokesman.

WISH-TV - Indianapolis, IN - Dispute Over Colts Stadium Land Continues

The Hurst company has been in business in the city of Indianapolis for 68 years. While many businesses left the city in the 70's and 80's, this firm chose to stay out of what many are now calling misplaced loyalty.


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