30 January, 2006

Masked Gunmen Briefly Take Over EU Office

iWon News
Masked gunmen on Monday briefly took over a European Union office to protest a Danish newspaper's publication of cartoons deemed insulting to Islam's Prophet Muhammad, the latest in a wave of violent denunciations of the caricatures across the Islamic world.

The gunmen demanded an apology from Denmark and Norway, and said citizens of the two countries would be prevented from entering the Gaza Strip.

Poor sensitive militant bastards. Look at the next statement from this same story...

We are calling on the citizens of the two countries to take this threat seriously because our cells are ready to implement this all over Gaza,' one militant said.

The climate of political correctness, diversity training, and unilateral acceptance despite the stated aims of such organizations will give rise to continued activities as this.
If we refuse to confront evil, in any form, and take the appropriate action in response to the initiation of force, we will perish.


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