23 July, 2006

Give Me That Old-time Reality TV

I can't help myself sometimes. I sorta dig reality shows. Not all of them but this one is kind of cool. I have watched a few of these episodes and have enjoyed most. The guy is straight-forward and direct.... a bit of a hard-ass. I like that in people, most of the time.

Detroit News -
Reality TV gets religion
These days people recognize Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wherever he goes. Spotted by theme park workers at Walt Disney World on the Fourth of July, the Orthodox rabbi and his eight children skipped past the masses to the front of the line. When the rabbi sought a place to park his RV in a North Dakota campground a few days later, the gatekeeper's "No room at the inn" quickly transformed into an offer of the park's choicest lot once he realized who was at the wheel.

Boteach (pronounced bo-TEY-ach) has a congregation of fans that extends far beyond any synagogue. He is the star of TLC's Shalom in the Home, a reality television program that pairs the rabbi with dysfunctional families in need of counseling. With nearly 700,000 viewers per episode, the program is one of the cable network's highest-rated offerings, more popular than some of its home improvement, fashion and makeover shows.
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Here's the web site for Shalom in the Home.


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