29 July, 2006

Gary Hull to Start Founders College

Fayetteville Online -
Duke professor plans for-profit college with classic curriculum
Gary Hull thinks today's colleges are failing, and he believes he has a better way.

Hull, who teaches at Duke University, plans to start a liberal-arts college in the fall of 2007. His plan is to operate it as a for-profit business, with investors, a copyrighted curriculum and a bottom line.

And the school may be coming to Oxford in Granville County, where it has received a warm welcome from the area's economic development commission. The company is also looking at locations in Virginia and Maine.

Called Founders College, the school would offer programs in liberal arts and business and a classic curriculum in philosophy, history, economics and literature, Hull says. He hopes to start with 100 students the first year and build to 500 by the fifth year. Tuition would be about $22,000 a year, Hull says, and the school would have no sports teams. (continue ...)


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