04 September, 2006

iWon News - Some Stations Want Cursing Out of '9/11'

I am having a difficult time in equating the comparison of Janet Jackson's boob and hearing people uttering swear words as they are facing death.

iWon News - Some Stations Want Cursing Out of '9/11':
"Broadcasters say the hesitancy of some CBS affiliates to air a powerful Sept. 11 documentary next week proves there's been a chilling effect on the First Amendment since federal regulators boosted penalties for television obscenities after Janet Jackson's breast was exposed at a Super Bowl halftime show.

'This is example No. 1,' said Martin Franks, executive vice president of CBS Corp. (CBS), of the decision by two dozen CBS affiliates to replace or delay '9/11' - which has already aired twice without controversy - over concerns about some of the language used by the firefighters in it.

'We don't think it's appropriate to sanitize the reality of the hell of Sept. 11th,' Franks said. 'It shows the incredible stress that these heroes were under. To sanitize it in some way robs it of the horror they faced.'"


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