02 September, 2006

SNARKBAIT: Free speech

SNARKBAIT: Politics, Philosophy, Life & Snarkyness:
"Now, wait a second. If the U.S. government came in and told him to change his shirt that's one thing and I agree with him. But if JetBlue--a private company--told him the conditions of his trip were X, Y, and also Z, then he could choose to accept those conditions of their trading relationship, or he could take his business elsewhere. But there wasn't a government telling him he must comply or he'd be taken to prison--which IS what would have happened in Saddam's Iraq.

It's an important distinction. The story isn't clear about who told him to change his shirt, but I have a hard time believing that inspectors looking in his luggage were suggesting what he could and couldn't wear tee-shirt wise.


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