22 October, 2006

An Islamic Newsreel

The Rule of Reason :: Weblog of the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism:
"Ah, yes. General Patton, who didn't believe in 'holding one's position,' but of advancing and forcing the Hun to 'hold' his position, if he could. And when he defeated the Hun, he wanted to draft the German army into the Allied side to fight those fine friends of Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley, the looting, raping Soviets before they swallowed half of Europe. The Germans wouldn't have needed much convincing to fight under American and British commanders to defend their country from those human locusts. Patton would have found in ally in Churchill, but not in the White House.

That development, however, was never seen in the newsreels. Instead, Americans saw American, British and Soviet soldiers hugging each other as laughing chums and drinking to the defeat of the Nazis.

Patton doubtless would be censored today, just as he was censored during the war, for asking why the West, and in particular the U.S., was fighting a 'holding position' against Islam. If that indeed is what we are doing. It is difficult to tell anymore."


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