06 November, 2007

Alan Greenspan looks back at "The Age of Turbulence"

The Plain Dealer:
"Is Alan Greenspan the Forrest Gump of economics? Raised in humble circumstances by a single mother, Greenspan became one of the most influential people in the nation. In almost every decade, Greenspan's life was touched by some of the most memorable people of the past century. As a teenager, Greenspan played sax with Stan Getz, and 50 years later, the sax-playing President Clinton asked him to continue as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. In 1974, President Nixon nominated Greenspan as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in one of his last substantive acts before resigning in disgrace. Afterward, the writer Ayn Rand and Greenspan's mother, Rose Goldsmith, flanked him as he took the oath of office early in Gerald Ford's presidency."


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