01 November, 2007

Why Government Is Responsible for the Saggy Pants Problem

Lew Rockwell.com:
"Dr. Paul Hein makes some excellent observations with regard to the outrageousness of the city of Atlanta attempting to impose a ban on saggy pants. But, I believe that the problem goes even beyond the attempt by a government to become fashion police. It is in fact the government that is responsible for the saggy fashion in the first place. I came across this discovery on a recent trip to New York City. I have a good friend that owns a pawn-shop there. I visited him at his shop. It is on the edge of what would certainly be deemed a tough neighborhood. Although my friend has the place stocked with hidden guns and baseball bats, I would still wince every time someone came in that I would deem a character. What was interesting about these characters, is that they all had shirts hanging out of their pants and they all had saggy, baggy pants. It was impossible to tell, by their wearing that kind of clothing, whether they had a gun or any other type of weapon on them. Then it dawned on me. This is Ayn Rand's form fitting function. This is about street drug dealer types adopting a fashion style that makes it very difficult for police to observe if they are carrying drugs or weapons."


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