09 December, 2007

5 Degrees

Buford T. Porcupine's Wild and Wacky Adventures:
"Scanning sections where the sun was hitting I found an area of frosted field grasses encompassed by snow. I always seem to be taken away by such captive moments, totally emersing myself into whatever the subject might be I've stumbled across. As the morning burned away and the good light was now gone, with the cold still nipping at my exposed skin, mostly my face, I headed back to the cabin. Tossing in a few logs, sitting in my favorite rocker by the fireplace, I warmed up to the memories of this very cold morning. I hope all your winter adventures are good, warm experiences, even though it might be awfully cold out there. What fun would it be sitting inside, looking out at winter, letting it pass you by without some sort of adventure?"


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