04 March, 2005

Work of the people

Duly elected representatives of the State of Indiana just can't seem to play nice. Last week, as the legislative session was coming to a close, there were some 131 pending bills awaiting vote for the House of Representatives. Among these bills, the hotly contested question - adoption of Daylight Savings Time for the entire state.

Yeah, I know. I just live here now. I'm not from here. Presently, two-thirds of the state does not observe DST so half the year, much of the state (including Indianapolis) are in the Eastern Time Zone and the other, Central Time Zone. The debate on this issue has had stiff opposition for over twenty years. Finally, proponents have made the case that businesses such as cartage companies are reluctant to base their operations here as delivery schedules are greatly effected.

The political pendulum has swung to the Republicans in the last election by placing a Bush-insider, Mitch Daniels, in the governors office and the state house now enjoys a slim Republican majority, 52-48. Prior to this election, the Dems had control of the state as well as it's largest city, Indianapolis.

This brings us to the closing days of the recent session, Feb 27th and Feb 28th. Votes on these bills were to be called and how did the Democrat minority respond? They walked out. Actually. Since the State Constitution calls for a quorum of at least two-thirds be present to vote, there were no votes taken on any pending measures.

Our tax dollars hard at....er....work, I guess.

Let me tell you - the Republicans are pissed. The Governor is pissed. And I don't mind telling you, I'm pissed.

These bills, along with the controversial DST, are as good as dead. The bad part is that the Republicans could have forced a vote through a provision within the State Constitution but, for reasons unknown, opted not to play the card. So, for the foreseeable future, Indiana will continue to handicap its economic growth by refusing to enter the 21st century.

What's the saying? You get what you pay for?

I want a refund.


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