02 April, 2005

paper shuffling - washington style

Here's a shorty from Neal Boortz:

Former National Security Adviser in the Clinton administration, Sandy Berger has cut a deal with the feds, and will plead guilty to stealing classified documents from the National Archives. If you remember, Sandy Berger was observed by National Archives staff stuffing classified documents in his jacket, socks and down his pants. We never did find out why he was stealing the papers.

He calls the whole episode an honest mistake, but was it? An honest mistake would be walking out with some papers mixed in with his own. But he tried to hide what he was taking. That means he knew it was wrong. Was he trying to protect the Clinton administration? Himself? Who knows.

boortz.com: Nealz Nuze April 01, 2005

Hmm. An honest mistake from a former NSA? Same dude who, no doubt advised Citizen Clinton to bomb an aspirin factory? And yet, remember the way Condi was grilled in her confirmation hearings? Makes perfect sense to me.


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