12 March, 2005

Twenty-Seven Course Meal

I read a post recently on Herwryness that was both humorous and cause for repose. The post titled "One Hominids humility" will undoubtedly make even the novice blogger chuckle. When I finished reading, I checked my own blogging activity and was shocked by the workload that I have taken on in recent months.

I am currently working 27 blogs. (Believe me, that's not bragging. I wasn't aware at how far the sickest had spread.) Now some of these are the multiple page variety and have very irregular post frequency. I have a couple of more personal blogs and one that is used to test my prowess while learning more code. But 27?! In the past, I have wondered whether I suffered from an obsessive/compulsive disorder and this may be the final straw of proof.

Perhaps the saddest commentary here is that I only started blogging in June 2004! (Curses to you Ty & Eric.)

As I review my personal time schedule, it looks a little like this:

  • Own and operate 2 businesses plus restarting a third eBay enterprise
  • Maintain 27(?) blogs at various intervals
  • (Most importantly) Attempt to maintain harmony with loving wife and four adoring children (all under nine years old) (Honey, seriously, I am almost done.....really......I mean it this time)
  • Maintain 3 websites
  • Operate a small project recording studio as composer/musician
I think I may need to hire a personal assistant soon.

Someone that can do my sleeping for me.


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