13 July, 2005

They're baaaack!

Ok. It may be a bit premature but all indications are that hockey, my beloved hockey, will be back next season. Of course, now that ESPN has not picked up the option in the broadcast contract, I may not get to watch it unless I travel to a market with local coverage.

I can't wait to see what Comish Gary Bettman pulls out of his little bag of tricks. This new agreement could be a wasted effort if the league cannot produce a revenue stream from television.

My home team, the Detroit Red Wings, will have a challenge next season. Given the average age of the players, the number of free agents and players yet unsigned, this team will look much different from when they last skated. Not to mention, the coaching situation is still "officially" unsettled but speculation is that Mike Babcock will be the new coach.

We will see what we will see.


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