01 May, 2005

Corn is not the only thing that flakes

Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, is probably not a good candidate for an online match-making service. I wonder if e-Harmony.com™ could find a match with their 100-point compatibility for Miss Wilbanks?

Initial reports say that officials are not going to file any charges in this case. What?! This woman faked her own disappearance, faked a 911 call, engaged the resources of over 100 law enforcement personnel and volunteers, not to mention the emotional effect upon her family and friends.

All because she got cold feet the week before her wedding.

The wedding was a rather large event for the town of Duluth, Georgia. I heard reports that over 600 people were invited, with 28 attendants in the wedding party; this after 5 years of dating.

She returned to her hometown wearing a different kind of veil - a towel, not unlike the average perp on the way to be booked. Embarrassed? She should be. She should also be held to account for her ruse. How about repayment for every hour spent in law enforcement payroll chasing her red herring instead of pursuit of real criminals?



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