10 July, 2005

iWon - Sports News

iWon - Sports News
Legace: \"We Lost a Season for No Reason.\"
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DETROIT (AP) - Detroit Red Wings goalie Manny Legace criticized players' union head Bob Goodenow on Saturday for failing to reach a labor deal that could have saved the canceled 2004-05 season.

"We lost a season for no reason," Legace told The Associated Press. "We should've crumbled last September when the owners wanted a salary cap."

Despite at least one report indicating the NHL's labor situation is essentially resolved, the league and the players' association deny that is true.

The Los Angeles Times, citing anonymous sources close to the negotiations, said Thursday the agreement would feature a hard salary cap linked to 54 percent of league revenue, a 24 percent rollback of existing contracts and qualifying offers.


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