03 July, 2005

Don't delay

You do not have as much time as you think. You cannot afford to waste any more time. If you have important things that you wish to do - DO THEM!

On Thursday, I said my final goodbye to my stepbrother. Through the sadness of this event, it gave me moments of repose. I have started so many projects, set so many goals, and still have much to do to see them completed. With the unknown quantity of time left us, why is so much of it wasted on pursuits that are not truly heartfelt?

Friends, the time to advance toward the attainment of your dreams is now! The time to tell those close to you how much they mean to you is now! The time to offer support to a close friend is now!

This Independence Day weekend, take a moment to reaffirm what you value most. Embrace your values and reconsider the dreams that you have yet to realize. Declare your own independence and, whatever you do, don't delay in taking control of your life.


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