23 October, 2006

Indecency Fines Are an Ominous Attack on Free Speech

The Ayn Rand Institute: Indecency Fines Are an Ominous Attack on Free Speech:
"On Oct. 17, Viacom and CBS executive chairman Sumner Redstone criticized the FCC's crackdown on 'indecent' speech, saying that 'entertainment and news executives, musicians and artists are living in a great deal of fear.'

'The chilling effect of censorship on free speech,' notes Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, 'should concern all of us who care about preserving our freedom.'

Just as the government doesn't fine newspapers that publish cartoons that some Muslims deem indecent, it shouldn't fine broadcasters that air shows that some viewers deem indecent. Viewers can't be forced to patronize any station and are free to change the channel or turn off their TV set if they do not like what they see."


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