05 November, 2006

Democrats to push for trade policy changes if they win control of Congress - USATODAY.com

"If they win control of Congress in Tuesday's elections, Democrats say they will fight the trade policies of President Bush's administration that they blame for undermining workers' rights here and abroad and for exporting American jobs.

At stake are trade agreements the Bush administration has negotiated with Vietnam and Peru that still need congressional approval, as well as agreements still in the works with Colombia, South Korea and Malaysia. Democrats also want to remedy a soaring trade deficit of almost $70 billion linked to what critics call China's unfair trade policies.

'One of the issues in the elections is the loss of jobs in this country from trade policies that are harmful to American workers,' said Democratic National Committee communications director Karen Finney. If Democrats regain power in Congress, they will make sure trade policies 'don't hurt American workers.'"


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