07 November, 2006

Today the calm

boortz.com: Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze:
"If there is going to be one slow day this week, today will be it. Gone are the campaign ads (we hope) and a pathetically small percentage of cogent Americans will make their ways to the polls to punish, to reward or, in many cases, to vote for their livelihood.

I'm going to try to cast my votes when the polls open, so there will be paltry notes this morning. I have a feeling we'll make it up tomorrow.

My Congressman is a Democrat. John Lewis. There is no way in hell that the voters are going to turn him away. Our U.S. Senators are safe this time around .. neither is up for reelection. There's really nothing for me to do at the polls except vote against any constitutional amendments that give government more power, and vote for Libertarians."


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