30 April, 2005


Indiana finally embraces an 18th century creation, just in time for the 21st century. Benjamin Franklin can now rest a bit easier.

This has easily been as divisive an issue in Indiana politics this spring as the government consolidation proposal or the Indianapolis Colts stadium gift. The battle over Daylight Savings Time has been filed with local drama, far more than should have occurred, and created a rift between neighbors and even some marriages.

Now the debate shifts to "which time zone will Indiana observe?" Oh brother. This will be good for dozens more death threats, I'm sure. Seriously.

What is remarkable to me is that there were so many people opposed to DST but the issues of increased taxes to pay for a new stadium did little to raise the ire of my fellow Indiana residents. This last issue passed with relative ease and less suspense than the DST issue. I guess the inconvenience of resetting one's clocks twice a year is of larger discomfort that having one's pocket picked for the benefit of a private enterprise.

So, go ahead. Build your new stadium and convention center. Something to consider for the first few games once it's built - expect late arrivals from some of your most ardent fans, they will probably have forgotten to change their clocks.



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